Kevin Krouglow is a composer, producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist with a focus in Film, TV, and Games. He is currently finishing the score on "Eat Wheaties!", a feature film starring Tony Hale, Paul Walter Hauser, Elisha Cuthbert, and David Walton. He has composed the score to over 120 episodes of TV, including two seasons of the Disney Worldwide and Family Channel TV show "Backstage" - which blends guitars and pads in a post-rock inspired fashion to create a modern, emotional, and subtle sound; and two seasons of the Family Channel TV show "The Next Step" – which has a modern sound featuring drums, hip hop beats and guitars on top of traditional instruments. Some of his other recent credits include the feature film "Trench 11" starring Rossif Sutherland, which won 4 awards including Best Feature Film Gold at the 2017 Toronto After Dark Film Festival and features a heavy and tense electronic score; the TV movie "Full Out" – a true-story teen drama film centered on emotive piano and guitar; and 3 seasons of History TV’s action-packed "Ice Road Truckers" - full of hard hitting drums and tense synths. He has also scored the pilot for Family Channel’s "Dark Haven High" - a mysterious and dark show blending a traditional orchestra with modern sounds; HGTV’s "Property Brothers" - featuring a song-style approach; Slice’s "Style Factory" - for which he wrote electronic dance music; the upbeat and playful opening theme to CBC’s "Snapshots" – with drums he made entirely out of camera sounds; and the Nintendo Switch video game "Skies of Fury: DX" – which is set in World War 1 and features a traditional orchestral soundtrack. Kevin’s music also appears in numerous commercials for clients including Adidas, Air Canada, Boston Pizza, Campbell’s, Chevrolet, BMO, Lexus, McDonald’s, OLG, Porsche, Shomi, Telus, Tim Horton’s, Toyota, TD Bank, Wendy’s, and World Wildlife Fund.

He has worked full-time as an in-house composer for just under 4 years at Grayson Matthews, an award-winning audio house in Toronto, Canada. In addition to working as a composer, Kevin has also assisted Andrew Lockington as a researcher and score prep assistant on some of his projects including "Frontier", "Daybreak", and "Pirate's Passage", and has worked as a music editor for Tom Third on the TV show "Played".

His passion for music and learning new instruments has led him through a range of genres and styles which he loves to blend and draw upon to create unique palettes for his projects whenever he can. Being a multi-instrumentalist he tends to favour a hands-on approach, performing on his own scores and looking for new sounds, which he also likes to digitally manipulate and combine with synthesizers when the project calls for it. As a testament to his abilities and work ethic, Kevin auditioned and was accepted into the University of Western Ontario in 2007 as a classical piano major after having only been playing the piano for 2 years at the time – something that typically requires at least 9 years of study. This drive and dedication has stayed with him throughout his scoring work and his continued pursuit of learning and growing as a composer and musician. Some of the instruments he can play include keyboards, piano, guitar, bass, drums, cello, violin, clarinet, mandolin, didgeridoo, and accordion.

Kevin is classically trained, having studied Theory and Composition as a Piano major in The University of Western Ontario, but grew up self-taught, listening to rock music and playing guitar and singing in bands, which he continued to do after his University years. He’s performed in numerous bands as a guitarist, pianist, bassist, and singer/frontman, having played countless shows and festivals including CMW, Warped Tour, SCENEfest, and NXNE, all while scoring some of his earlier short film projects as well as an independent feature, "Play, The Film" which got him a nomination for "Best Soundtrack" at the London International Film Festival in 2013.