Comic Book

Written by Andrew Palmer, Illustrated by Joe Pee

Music by Kevin Krouglow - commissioned for the live action pitch.

EARTH DATE: JANUARY 23, 2075 - A decade after Sovereign Mars gains control of the Asteroid Mining Establishments. KG Organization's monopoly over the Aresian economy boarders on tyranny. The enactment of an Asteroid Ore Tariff stirs resentment among working class miners, and a scorned Colonel -of the Vesta Militia- incites riots throughout the Dark Frontier. On the other side of the Solar System, a computer technician with augmented eye-sight makes one of the most important discoveries in human history.... These two, along with a wealthy heir to an interplanetary shipping fleet, and a prudent upstanding lawyer, must work together to fight for their rights as natural-born Marsers

Copyright Kevin Krouglow 2021. All rights reserved.